Winter Salon! Jérôme Bost, Robert Ohnigian, Donald Silverstein, Alan Soffer, Marc Van Cauwenbergh

January 9 - February 15, 2008


Gallery Sakiko is pleased to present its yearly group show “Winter Salon,” featuring paintings and works on paper by Jérôme Bost, Robert Ohnigian, Donald Silverstein, Alan Soffer, Marc Van Cauwenbergh and Nicholas Zann.


Jérôme Bost:

Jérôme Bost started his career by painting in oil in an expressionistic gestural manner. In the late 1960s, he began to work directly from nature, away from our everyday experience. Impressively, they do that without a trace of heaviness or didacticism.  In addition to the seascapes, during the last two years Jérôme Bost has also been painting cityscapes of Paris from elevated viewpoints, such as the Centre Pompidou, the Radio tower and most recently the roof of the famous Garnier Opera House.


Robert Ohnigian:

Robert Ohnigian's collages are intimate and have a keen meditative quality. They often consist of postage stamps, pieces of aged paper, fragments of 19th century book illustrations and numbers. All of these elements are fused into intricately layered assemblages that are visually poetic and contemplative. Ohnigian's palette is composed primarily of shades of beige and pale blues, punctuated with the darker-hued crispness of a diminutive image.


Donald Silverstein (1932-2004):

The majority of these works were created during Silverstein's ten-year stay in Japan, a period that marked the pinnacle of his artistic career in terms of innovation, experimentation, and output. While living in Tokyo, Silverstein became increasingly interested in the designs and patterns used for traditional kimonos, as well as Japanese calligraphy. In this context, a new sense of spontaneity and dynamism began to inform his works. Incorporating a wide range of materials, such as gouache, oil, ink, pens, and markers, Silverstein's paintings share a strong concern for fusing vivid gestural drawing with distinctive color harmonies, and expressive form.


Marc Van Cauwenbergh:

Interested in body presence and behavior, Marc Van Cauwenbergh focuses on humanoid forms in motion. Though completely abstract, his compositions translate as portraits of the lyrical interaction imbued in physical movement. Thin washes of oil paint, which are brushed directly onto the linen, create predominantly vertical shapes. These mysterious banners of translucent color are carefully layered on top of each other and hence, intermingle like engaging bodies. In fact, each distinct shape translates as a silhouetted individual, whose characteristics and personality are defined through the artist’s handling of color and form.


Nicholas Zann:

As a figurative painter, Nicholas Zann explores human relationships. He often works with the diptych format, in which each panel contains one figure, or figures are juxtaposed with objects. The divide between the panels is telling about the relationships in which Zann's protagonists engage. Men and women, children and adults, friends, lovers, competitors - they all face the truth of their nature by means of unusually direct pairings.