Alan Soffer: Circle of Life

June 6 – July 14, 2007


Gallery Sakiko is pleased to present Circle of Life, featuring recent encaustic paintings by Alan Soffer.

Following the tradition of Abstract Expressionism, Soffer’s work appears at once gestural and dynamic. Lush color effects, rich textures caused by vivid brushwork, and the exploration of positive and negative spatial relationships are key concerns.

Soffer embraces the freedom of experimentation, while remaining devoted to a creative process that combines intuitive spontaneity with careful editorial decision-making. To him, chance and structure are not opposites, but rather two equal components of the same dialogue.

On a microscopic level, Soffer’s work aspires to reflect on the complexity of the human experience and emotion. His paintings are highly associative of organic life forms that morph and transition through space. Employing pigmented beeswax and oil Soffer transforms translucent layers of color into almost sculptural constructs. Within the larger composition, each layer remains autonomous and manifests as a veil of information, through which the observer’s eye is encouraged to travel slowly.

In addition, constant movement and a general sense of infinity are distinct characteristics, while recent works have begun to involve geometric symbolism. Contemplating the endless continuum of existence, Soffer has given his newest work an unmistakable title and himself, a vast field to examine.

Alan Soffer began his art career in 1973 as a sculptor, creating religious ritual objects, abstract forms, and later narrative works about ancient healing arts. Gradually, in the mid-eighties his direction focused on abstract expressionist paintings. He has shown extensively in the United States.