"I was born in Japan. I had been interested in visual art and music since I was a child. However I became uncomfortable with the direction of contemporary art. I wished for a more fundamental approach, a motivation more like the artist/craftsmen of long ago. In the medieval age artists developed their vision through a devotion to skills and to understanding their materials. I moved to New York City in 1980 and started egg tempera paintings that was medieval materials and techniques.

My first painting series "Guardian Deities in the City" presented street objects of New York City. Series "Waves" around 1990, was created around concrete images with abstracted forms. I became interested in surrounding phenomenon, or causation, more than the objects themselves. I began to used a computer for making plans from the following series, "Stream". Because the paintings needed careful planing and visualization. It is a requirement of the medium. It is not possible to erase, or change directions.

It sent me in a new direction of my art work that were interactive and programming. Moreover I had been doubting artists wasted a huge amount of materials for the name of the art. I created "interactive Web art (Is the Production of Garbage Materials in the 21st Century, still Art?, A Tender Attempt to Accomplish Something Possible in This Impossible, and other Time Works)" and "Throwing Stones the Movie" on my Web site from 1996 to 2003. My recent art works are "JIKANKEI" that is temporal hour system software, "String Quartet Pi" created a music from the constant pi, "RGB MusicLab Project" that converts pixels of an image into music, and "Digital Photograph New York City Subway."


Paintings are Collected in:
Amerada Hess Corporation, New York, NY
Milbank Tweed Hodley McCoy, New York, NY
and private collectors


Digital Arts are Archived in: 1, 2 at The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY
Art on the Net 2001 & 1999, Machida City Museum, Tokyo, Japan