Osamitsu Kadota and Makoto Hirano, November 5 – November 29, 2008



Gallery Sakiko is pleased to present the works of two critically acclaimed Japanese artists, the sculptor Osamitsu Kadota and the painter Makoto Hirano.

Working with metal, wood, as well as mixed media, Osamitsu Kadota sculptures incorporate figurative, organic, and mechanistic references and play with the divide between the natural and the man-made. Part machine, part alien, the sculptures translate as otherworldly creatures that could have sprung from a science fiction novel. They invade the exhibition space with the confidence of a mysterious and strong species. While their bodies remind of magnified insects, airplane sections, and armored chariots, for example, the sculptures are often shown in groups, creating a powerful overall impact. Are they here to confront, teach or convince us? Do they hold the key to larger truths? Less interested than in the questions, Kadota focuses on creating sculptures, which while shown in installation, will have us second-guess our sense of reality.

Though abstract, the source of inspiration for Makoto Hirano's work is nature and its manifold forms and textures. In fact, employing materials such as coal, crayons and oil, Hirano's works often allude to characteristics associated with archaeological artifacts. A preferably monochromatic palette describes biomorphic forms that at times seem to have been uncovered from the earth. As Kadota, Hirano allows for the imagination to unfold and invites the audience to engage in an intimate dialogue with the work. What we might find will vary due to our individual experiences, emotions and desires.


Gallery Sakiko New York

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