Born in 1942, Jérôme Bost studied in Le Havre and during the 1960s in Paris. In 1969, leaving France for Japan, he started to use oil-pastels, an easily transportable means of recording what he saw. He spent the following four years in Asia before settling in a remote mountain valley in the south of France, where he developed his manner of understanding and painting nature into a systematic and intense study, depicting primarily lavender fields.

In 1992 he moved back to Paris and worked on the city as seen from its streets. In 1999 he started to make regular trips to the Atlantic coast, deepening his study of the sea in a series of oil-pastels. His next solo exhibition in Paris will feature cityscapes he has been making in the last two years from elevated points in the city, among them the roof of Opera Garnier. Over the years Jérôme Bost has shown regularly with Galerie Peyrole and Galerie Albert Loeb in Paris.