Gallery Sakiko is pleased to present a sculptural installation by the Japanese artist Yoko Ishikawa, which will mark her first New York solo exhibition.
Entitled Rouge Water Contained, this installation was specifically created for the Gallery Sakiko. It features seemingly endless spans of twisted and intertwined copper threads, which evoke the image of an intricate web or waterfall. 


Ishikawa's installations and environments are highly immersive. It is her ambition to create spaces for existential reflection and meditation. In this particular case, she aims to provide her audience with the opportunity observe and experience themselves in a setting that offers calm, as well as a sense of mystery and awe.

Gallery Sakiko New York

Established by Sakiko Silverstein in January 2006 as homage to her late husband, Gallery Sakiko New York specializes in contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture. In the spirit of Donald Silverstein and his lifelong dedication to the arts, the gallery continues to support emerging and mid-career artists from the U.S., Europe, and Asia, creating a podium for a multi-cultural dialogue.