Dark Luminance: Melbourne Gothic - The Instersection of Old and New Technologies

John Derrick, Jane Hall, James Hullick, Rene Van Kan, Julie Mihalovska

August 7 - 28, 2008

Gallery Sakiko New York is pleased to present "Dark Luminance: Melbourne Gothic - The Instersection of Old and New Technologies," featuring works by Australian artists John Derrick, Jane Hall, James Hullick, Rene Van Kan, Julie Mihalovska.

DARK LUMINANCE is an exhibition that will celebrate and present the visions of five up and coming Australian artists working around the notion of Australian Gothic to the people of New York at the Pratt Institute (Brooklyn) and Sakiko (Chelsea) galleries in August 2008. The same show will return to Melbourne’s Mars Gallery in September 2009. Several concerts showcasing some of Australia’s ingenious sound artists who also engage with Gothicism will also be presented, along with an Australian Gothic art-film/video-art night. The exhibition will also be shown in the virtual world of Second Life, and be projected in all three gallery spaces, combining the real and virtual artworks in the same space.

Curators and artists for DARK LUMINANCE, John Derrick and James Hullick, describe the Australian Gothic as:
“an essentially dark or ‘empty’ (either in colour palette or psychology) that can be manic, disturbing, vacant, haunting. Night-time can be beautifully captivating as well as terrifying. Emerging through this darker base are moments of bright luminosity and transparency (again either in colour/light palette or psychology). Considering contemporary Australia’s arts practice from a birds-eye view suggests that the dialogue between old and new technologies in art making practices is key to the core of this contemporary and localized Gothic aesthetic. The nature of this dialogue is loaded with quirky interpretations on the semiology and functional worth/worthlessness of technology.”

The DARK LUMINANCE artists are dynamic:


Lisa Dethridge is a leading light in the development of Second Life environments in Melbourne, where her explorations focus on the social interaction arising from virtual worlds. Dethridge is a published writer and academic at the School of Creative Media RMIT University.