Donald Silverstein: Arpeggio, September 10 - October 16, 2008


Gallery Sakiko New York is pleased to present Arpeggio, an exhibition of paintings and works on paper by Donald Silverstein (1932-2004).

During his career as a fine artist, which span over five decades, Donald Silverstein explored the fine line between figuration and abstraction in painting. Abstract Expressionism, Surrealist details and Sci-Fi had a significant impact on his work, in which expressive color fields are fused with mere hints of referential objects. At times, Silverstein employed collage to evoke unusually dense mélanges of rich visual and textural information and he often favored unusual materials and paint surfaces. Urban landscapes and Japanese culture were an important source for inspiration, yet his interest in the creation of emotive themes remained abstract. Silverstein's forms are fluid, biomorphic and seem forever changing. In this context, each line becomes an accent and a direction, while the works seen in sequence translate as detail views of a larger picture. Or, if compared to music, they might be understood as an arpeggio, a broken chord where the notes are played in succession rather than simultaneously.

The majority of the works on display were created during Silverstein's ten-year stay in Japan, a period that marked the pinnacle of his artistic career in terms of innovation, experimentation, and output. While living in Tokyo, Silverstein became increasingly interested in the designs and patterns used for traditional kimonos, as well as Japanese calligraphy. In this context, a new sense of spontaneity and dynamism began to inform his works. Incorporating a wide range of materials, such as gouache, oil, ink, pens, and markers, Silverstein's paintings share a strong concern for fusing vivid gestural drawing with distinctive color harmonies, and expressive form.

Gallery Sakiko New York

Established by Sakiko Silverstein in January 2006 as homage to her late husband, Gallery Sakiko New York specializes in contemporary painting, drawing and sculpture. In the spirit of Donald Silverstein and his lifelong dedication to the arts, the gallery continues to support emerging and mid-career artists from the U.S., Europe, and Asia, creating a podium for a multi-cultural dialogue.