Aboriginal art entails all work made by Indigenous Australians, ranging from pre-date European colonization to contemporary artists, who continue to elaborate on their traditional culture. In particular during the past decades, Aboriginal art has gained increased international recognition. It covers various media, such as painting on leaves, wood carving, rock carving, sculpture, sand-painting, ceremonial clothing, as well as decorations found on weaponry and tools.

Art is one of the key rituals of Aboriginal culture and employed to mark territory and record history. It also tells the stories of the so-called Dreamtime when according to Aboriginal belief the world was created. Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra, an Aboriginal Artist, who was born at Aningie Station in circa 1955, described it as follows: The Australian Aborigines see themselves as the custodians of this country. Their dreaming is not just of the land, but of the song, dance and mythology of the land. The paintings we see on canvas today were originally painted in the sand and only lasted until the wind blew. Canvas is durable and has given the world a chance to learn about the Aboriginals' 'dreaming', their way of life and values."

The works in the collection of Gallery Sakiko New York were all made in the 1960s. The artists, as is often the case, are unknown.



Untitled [Snake]
Artist Unknown.
Bark, Framed
Left Height: 22 in. (56cm); Right Height: 25 in. (63.5 cm);
Top Width: 19 ½ (50 cm); Bottom Width: 21 ¼ (54 cm)

Note: The bark has been treated with (1) a solution of Technical Sodium Pentachlorphenate and (2) a solution of Toluol and Bedacryl, to fix the ochres permanently, prevent fungus in a tropically humid climate and to discourage wood pests. This work was collected in the Reserves of far Northern Australia by Dorothy Bennet of the Australian Aboriginal Art Trust.


Untitled [Kangaroo]
Artist Unknown. Tribe, Ganingu
Height: 28 ¾ (73 cm); Top Width: 11 ½ in. (29 cm); Bottom Width: 13 ½ (34cm)


Untitled [035]
Artist Unknown
Height: 31 in. (79cm); Width: 11 in. (28cm)


Untitled [Turtle]
Artist Unknown.
Height: 21 ½ (55 cm); Top Width: 10 ¼ (26 cm); Bottom Width: 10 in. (25.5 cm)


Untitled [039]
Artist Unknown.
Left Height: 29 in. (72.5 cm); Right height: 28 in. (71 cm);
Top Width: 12 ½ in. (32 cm); Bottom Width: 12 in. (30 cm)